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Fix-it Saturday

Today we fixed some things around the house. Last night I went out to see a movie with friends. We saw Iron Man (not a bad movie, if you’re into science fiction action films). I enjoyed it because I am a nerd.

Anyhow, just after I left the house my wife informed me that the washing machine had quit working. She played around with it, checked that it was plugged in, checked the breaker… Everything seemed right, but it wasn’t working. We don’t have money for new stuff, so it’s used and it will continue to be used until we can afford something else. We don’t have money for repair people to come around and fiddle with it and fiddle with us, so I got a little worried when I started thinking about how much I don’t know about washing machines.

Well, when I got home I tried turning it on and it worked fine for me. Strange, but true. Then, before it was done with the same load, it mysteriously quit working again. So, I started fiddling with it and found some loose screws (literally). This discovery led to the finding that the switch that signaled to the machine when the hatch was opened or closed had mostly fallen from its mounting. Tightening the screws was futile – as it turned out the plastic had broken long ago. So, I found an old hair rubber band and rigged the sensor to the closed position so the washing machine always thinks the lid is closed.

You know, it feels really good to, what do they call it? – Jerry rig? It feels good to get something working with a rubber band and not have to pay someone sporting trouser cleavage from my life savings just so they can waste my time and charge me three weeks’ pay.

As a final note, we’ve (my wife and I) been working on designing some radical changes to our family’s routine to help us all develop better self-control and patience. Needless to say, we wouldn’t need to do this if we all had acceptable levels of discipline and prudence. My five-year-old especially needs something that will help him with his physical and emotional control (he tends to beat the snot out of playmates who don’t worship him and bow to his every whim). We’ve got a plan, but I’m wondering if anyone out there who reads this might have any suggestions for a program (something like a cross between yoga and some martial art form) that we could do as a family that would promote patience, self-control and some basic self-defense techniques. My only requirement is that I need to be able to do this without too much class training – we need to start doing this in our home, as a family, without paying for regular classes (we may do regular classes later, but not now – no can do).

Alright. This wasn’t the type of thing I was planning on posting here, but I wanted to take some time to write despite my creativity being on vacation.

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