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Yet Another Site

Or should that read, Yet Another Waste of My Time… I have yet to see.

This project is complicated, and I should just let it explain itself. Head over to the main page and start reading. Maybe you can help me out a little!


New Fun Page

In an attempt to deliver something that will keep me entertained as well as providing a little bit of fun for my visitors, I have begun a final page for my “thing” called “Other.”  The Other page contains links to several pages I might or might not add (only two for now) that would contain lists of links or perhaps images, or anything at all.  You name it.  In fact, that’s the idea.  I want you to add to the lists.

Granted, I think one or two of you might have made suggestions in the past, but I want those suggestions again, this time on these pages.  There is one page (linked to from the Other page) for links to free games that are played online and another page (also on the Other page) for links to download stuff (mostly games also).

So, if you know of any good (free) entertainment online (free game downloads, free in-browser games, etc.) please let me know about them.  I won’t add all suggestions to the main list, but comments with valid links will be approved for visitors to browse through and if I like the suggestion enough I will add it to its respective official list.


I would like your reaction to my recent redesign.  I chose a more organized theme (should be easier to look over and better for browsing the side bar) and did a custom header (up top).  If you’re reading this through a feed reader you’ll need to click the link to go to the site and see the update.

Tell me what you think.  I can control all of the elements in the image (not the text) in the header so I can change that if you don’t like it, or if you just don’t like the overall look, let me know (even though I can’t change the overall look without chosing a new theme).

Obviously, your input isn’t as important to me as my opinion, but I shall take any complaints into consideration!


Quick Status Update

Wow, where to start. I don’t have a lot of time to write this morning (ironically). I schedule an hour every morning to write, but this morning I had a problem with one of the applications crashing my computer (this application will soon be uninstalled and behind me), so I didn’t get ANY writing done. That’s why I’m doing this.

So, in case you’re interested, I started a little (very little) side project at another site. Yes, I just couldn’t get enough writing out of my current projects (sarcasm) so I went and started something new.

You can check out the introduction to it here. I don’t think I’ll update it that often, but since I can send new posts via text message on my phone, I can update it whenever a new idea hits.

I have to go to work now. So much for that hour. Maybe tonight’s writing time will go better.

Welcome Me

I always told myself I would stay away from “popular” stuff, mainstream trends and Internet terms like “blog.”  Blog just sounds dumb, the spell checker doesn’t like it, and when I think about “blogging” nothing interesting comes to mind.  However, here I am, writing my first post to a dedicated “blogging” site.  I chose because of its professional look and mature name.  We’ll see how I like it here.

Since I have NO idea how many people will spot me as a new user, find me out of the blue, etc., I’m going to do a test.  I have a question, so anyone out there that happens to read this and might have an answer, please let me know.  I am an avid fan/user of Google Docs, and I’ve run into a little hiccup with their posting to blog service.  I’ve entered all of my information (username, password, etc.) and it appears to be correct, but it comes back with an error: Error decoding XML-RPC response.  What the heck does that mean and how do I fix it?  Thanks.

Well, I suppose that’s all from me for now.  My primary purpose in starting this “thing” (I’m going to avoid using that strange Internet jargon term) is to improve my writing by practicing.  I’ll rant about stuff, I’ll post short stories, I’ll share ideas.  I’m also going to assume NOBODY is reading, so I’ll get really excited if people actually comment and respond to stuff.  If I get nothing, that’s what I expect out of nobody!

Watch for something exciting soon.


I have a new post that explains how I solved the “Error decoding XML-RPC response” problem with Google Docs and WordPress.

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