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Best of All Time (as of end of 2009)

Happy 2010!

I told myself I wouldn’t make a list at the end of 2009, but I’ve got a list for you.

This list was inspired because I suddenly had a desire to track my most popular and favorite posts here. So, without much ado, here is a list of the top ten most popular posts here (ever, not just in 2009), followed by a list of my favorite posts so far:

My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time
(The ones that get the hits.)

  1. Motorola Droid Discovery (Became super-popular after the Droid was released.)
  2. My Big Breakup (Was my most popular for a very long time, until the Droid came along.)
  3. Fun Free Online Games (Remains more popular than the page I created to replace it, despite the new page being better.)
  4. Thoughts on Chrome So Far (I wrote this a long time ago, and it’s high time I write a new review on Chrome, my favorite browser.)
  5. About the Man (The non-post item to make the top ten list, I have no idea why it’s so popular.)
  6. Unrealistically Cute (Guys somehow migrate to pages with pictures of girls on them.)
  7. Sophie, a Vibrator & Other Funnies (This is popular because of “vibrator,” but it’s not that kind of vibrator.)
  8. Letter to Verizon Wireless (This page also benefited from the recent popularity of the Droid.)
  9. Review: Wall-e (Game for Wii) (I’m glad this post gets so many views, because this was a terrible game.)
  10. Web-Enabled Community Spell-Checker Dict (An idea I had a while ago. Popular by accident, not because it’s good.)

My Personal Favorite Posts So Far
(I wish these got more hits!)

  1. Fun YouTube and Others (A compiled list of my favorite videos/music online. Lots of clean laughs!)
  2. My Big Breakup (My second most popular post is also my second most favorite. It wasn’t a relationship problem.)
  3. Sometimes 140 Just Isn’t Enough (A celebrity visited my blog and left comments on this post!)
  4. Early Poetry (I love this little gem of a poem I wrote when I was small. Still makes me chuckle.)
  5. NaNoWriMo – DONE (This was my victory post after finishing my novel in 2008. This book sucked.)
  6. I Won (again)! (This was my victory post after finishing my novel in 2009. This was a better book.)
  7. Boom De Yada (I did some research to give the background on a funny comic. Good post.)
  8. Ultimate List Handler (I hope to incorporate some of these ideas into a file system someday.)
  9. The Great Hall of Heroes (This is one of my favorite short stories, among those that I’ve written.)
  10. Fun New Page (I was so excited about my new page when I wrote this, then nobody visited my new page!)

There you have it. If you’re new to my site, these posts would be a good place to get a feel for my material. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to doing a similar post each year (or every other year?).

New Fun Page

In an attempt to deliver something that will keep me entertained as well as providing a little bit of fun for my visitors, I have begun a final page for my “thing” called “Other.”  The Other page contains links to several pages I might or might not add (only two for now) that would contain lists of links or perhaps images, or anything at all.  You name it.  In fact, that’s the idea.  I want you to add to the lists.

Granted, I think one or two of you might have made suggestions in the past, but I want those suggestions again, this time on these pages.  There is one page (linked to from the Other page) for links to free games that are played online and another page (also on the Other page) for links to download stuff (mostly games also).

So, if you know of any good (free) entertainment online (free game downloads, free in-browser games, etc.) please let me know about them.  I won’t add all suggestions to the main list, but comments with valid links will be approved for visitors to browse through and if I like the suggestion enough I will add it to its respective official list.

Ultimate List Handler

Ultimate Intelligent List Handler for People Who Love Lists

This is a quick outline of the features and organization I think belong in a good list handler. I love lists, and sometimes just assembling a list of things I want can make me feel as though I have received what I wanted. It’s like getting a craving for Mexican food, then collecting pictures of Mexican food items and having the craving satisfied. That’s what lists do for me, and I know there are other people like me out there.

I shall now use this description as my model and go out looking for the perfect list handler to meet my needs. If I can find nothing close enough, I may have to create my own program (which I am capable of doing given enough time). I have found one online wishlist handler which almost does what I want it to do, but it lacks some simple ideas which would make it more useful to me.

So, here is what the perfect list handler should be able to do:

List Groups
An individual list can be a part of one or more list groups. Group specific image and icon options would make these a good basic organizational level. Groups are like categories, in that you can have a “Wishlist” group and several different themed wishlists could belong to that group – “My Christmas WIshlist,” “My Spouse’s Wishlist,” and so on. A wishlist for video production equipment that is in the “Wishlists” group could also be a member of the “Future Purchases” and “Expensive” groups.

Each list can have a description, representational image and icon, and a list of creators & benefactors. Additionally, the list can be tailored to meet special needs. A list can be started by just adding items to it, or a more complicated list can be begun by outlining item types that would be needed. A more complicated list formed on a frame of “types” could give a variable, flexible budgeting plan with options to help organize what item would do best in what slot in the list. Lists can be ordered or unordered, based on priority, price, alphabet, date added, etc. You can simply put one item above another item because you like it there if you want, or you can assign priority values and have the list grouped by priority. You can even have phases, where the list is grouped into items that need to be purchased first, second, third, etc.

Once a list has been made, it can output HTML, Documents, perhaps even Spreadsheets with the items, costs, descriptions, images/icons, etc. using options made possible with the item types.  These outputs could be tailored to fit in budgets, show a time line of when to purchase what, and so many other possibilities.

Item Types
Inside of a list, several options could be variable. To help organize the variables “types” would become important. For example, if I am creating a list of things I need for video production, I can have requirements (specified at the List level) such as camera(s), light(s), microphone(s), and so forth that would be types. Each item I add to the list would then be grouped into a specific type. Each type can have characteristics associated with it that would specify how many of each item I need. Perhaps I find three different camera models I like, but I only plan on needing two cameras. My “Camera” item type could be programmed to know that only two cameras need purchasing and that any of them could fill the spots. Then, when I am outputting a cost breakdown, a range of camera prices would show based on combinations of the prices of the cameras filling that type position in the list.

Items can be associated with more than just one type or list. Once the program has an item inputted, adding it to another list can be achieved easily by pulling the item up in the new list or from another list and adding it. Items can have more than one image associated with them, one as the main image, and they can update pricing and get new images easily within the program. Links to different vendors and prices could also be retrieved within the program.

Keywords & Tags
Sorting, organizing and browsing items, lists and groups would be handled primarily by tags & keywords. By searching one or more keywords an item could be found easily to be added to a new list.

If you know of anything that does all of this, please let me know in the comments. If you have any other ideas of what a list handler should be able to do, also leave a comment!

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