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Fine, I’ll Write Today

I still get up to write every day, as I originally promised myself, but I just haven’t felt much like writing anything here. Honestly, I haven’t had much to write in my other projects either.

This is, of course, because of the stress I’m going through right now with some big things at work and at home. For example, we’ll be moving within a month, and we’ve done almost nothing to get ready for the move. Sure, we’ve done some little things here and there, but we’re MOVING. That’s a big deal.

Eventually the stress will subside or I’ll get better at dealing with it and I’ll start writing more. Like I said, I haven’t stopped writing, I just haven’t felt very inspired. I’ve been trickling the few ideas I do have into a short story (that’s getting a little long). You might see that story posted here if I ever get around to finishing it. I often worry though that the parts I wasn’t excited about writing won’t be very exciting to read. I’ve heard authors say that this principle of proportion doesn’t necessarily hold true, but that’s the way it feels to me.

You might even be able to detect in my tone here that I just don’t have anything to say. I’m writing to write, not to say anything. I’ll stop now and write again when I have a good reason.

Ooh! New topic – I remember something I can tell you about!

In family news, we got Wii Fit yesterday. This was a bit of a miracle, since the store we went to wasn’t supposed to have any until Sunday morning (now).

So how did we do it? I’m not going to mention any details because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble, but a very kind employee of a store we love did us a favor. We had never met this employee before, but there should be an employee of the month nomination for him/her!

Basically I asked if they had any in stock, and the employee responded that they wouldn’t until tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I was let down a little and explained that it’s not possible for us to come in on a Sunday to buy one, so we’re just going to have to keep waiting until they are readily available on the shelves for weeks at a time. We all know that’s not going to happen any time soon…

Anyhow, we cruised around the store for a little while longer, then decided to leave. Just before exiting though, Sophie spit up all over the place and we had to stop to clean it up. My wife was rummaging around the diaper bag looking for wipes and stuff when another employee pointed out to me that my baby was spitting up all over the place. Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I smiled and thanked him, adding that we were cleaning it up. He told us not to worry about the floor, they could get that. I thanked him again, we wiped the baby and me off, then walked out the door.

We were about to leave the sidewalk in front of the store when I heard a voice behind me. I turned and saw employee #1 following us trying to get my attention. We stopped and the employee said something like this: “You guys still interested in that Wii Fit?”

I said, “Of course yes!”

The employee said, “I talked to my boss, and as long as you guys go along with my story that you’ve been in here three times looking for it and you can’t come in on Sundays, he’s agreed to let me sell it to you today.”

We were ecstatic. The employee had us wait inside the store again while he/she went to the back to get it for us. We paid at the special customer service register after thanking the employee emphatically with many wonderful superlatives.

We played it a little last night and are bored with it already. We’ll probably take it back to the store tomorrow. Just kidding! We love it. It’s a lot of fun. In fact, I even feel like I got some real exercise. I worked up a sweat and everything.

Well, I’m glad I found something I wanted to write about. It’s much easier to write when I feel like I have something to say.

Until next time.

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