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I’ve finally gotten around to updating my “About Me” and “About This” pages. Well, those weren’t their titles before, but that’s what they are now. Check them out! They are now more accurate, more concise, more useful, and (in the case of the About Me page) more fun. Please let me know what you think of them in the comments. Thanks.

And for smiles, check out this Lego model:

(Via these guys.)

Also, don’t forget to enter my free drawing/contest. Thanks.

Final Post for Friends and Family

If you are a friend of our family’s or a member of our extended family, and you subscribe to this site or stop by from time to time for updates, I regret to inform you that this site will no longer offer update services from the Haddad family.

In fact, these updates will now be found here.



The first post, titled “Family Birthday Party,” includes a photo, some fun information about our family birthday celebration, and links to videos of the event (including one embedded video featuring Sophie and her royal cuteness).

So, if you subscribe to this site to get updates on our family, please subscribe to this feed:

If you have this site bookmarked for family updates, please bookmark the following address:

Any and all family related news you could want will be featured at the new site, without all of my nerdy ramblings. We hope to post updates about once a month too, so that should simplify the process of recieving your Haddad family updates. Just stop by once a month or so and there should be something new for you to see.

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