It's like I found a magic lamp or something, and squandered my wishes...

Several long-time desires of mine have recently unfurled into something palpable. I wouldn’t say my dreams are coming true, but it’s close enough.

Where to start?

We’ll start with the most recent and work our way backward.

Hm. That’s tough. We’ll start at the… Well shoot. This is tougher than I thought.

Forget chronological order. Forget any order.

More photos can be seen at the link.

I recently completed the first draft of my real leather Link’s Adventure Pouch 3DS Case.

I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with it (see my notes in the album I shared at the previous link), but I am looking forward to the second version. Each photo in the album has my notes on what I’ll do differently next time, but if you’re an expert who can tell me how to keep the darned surface of the leather from cracking, please leave a comment!

In addition to completing the leather pouch, I recently ended a 10 year search for something.

Yes. Ten years.

For the last ten years I’ve gotten this song stuck in my head. I knew it was from an upwards scrolling puzzle video game, and I knew that video game has Yoshi in it, and I knew that video game was on the Game Boy. I had asked around, I had search the Internet, I had spent years trying to figure this thing out.


Then one day I ask someone, and they said, “Sure, I just played that game last week. It’s called Tetris Attack.”

Sure enough, he was right. The song that got stuck in my head all these years was Yoshi’s theme. I could finally hear the full song after only remembering one small phrase of it all these years!

Then I found the game used and bought it for my Game Boy Advance. It is a fun game.

So that’s a happy ending to that search. There are still a few memories I am trying to fill in, but that was the biggest, most frequently bothersome one.

Last of all (for this post) I finally got to see a real space shuttle. Sure, I had been to see Enterprise at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center, but Enterprise never flew in space. It was hardly a shell of a shuttle. It was the right size, and the right colors, but that’s about it. No real action. No battle scars.

But this last week OV-103 Discovery was flown out to replace Enterprise at the Udvar-Hazy Center, and on Saturday I took my daughter to see the shuttle.

This shuttle is COOL.

It was awesome.

And while I was there I got a new picture of myself in front of the shuttle for use on social networks. I liked the angle of the old photo better, but this one with a real shuttle is better since A) it’s a real shuttle, and B) I am wearing my super awesome hat.

Alright. That’s going to be it tonight. I didn’t need to write a blog post tonight, but I wanted to. I hope it was worth your time, because then it will have been worth my time.

Oh, and real quick: in related [to the shuttle] news, I am making slow progress in the design of my deep space exploration vehicle. I worked on the escape pods and their hangar bay today. Not done yet, but happy with the progress.

Related to escape pods-I recently read parts of an extraordinarily interesting article (I’ll read the whole thing later because it is relevant to my interests) and in that article the author notes that he doesn’t feel escape pods ever make sense for a deep space exploration vehicle.

The point he makes is that if you have to escape the vehicle quickly, it’s usually (in science fiction, at least) because the ship has a problem and the “reactor core” or something is going to blow up. He notes that leaving the comfort and life support systems of the larger ship makes little sense. You should just eject the core.

My system is designed to completely separate into its separate modules in the event of any mechanical emergency anywhere on the ship. Even each of the six main engines can act as emergency life boats, and so the dinky escape pods (which seat twenty adults) are not meant to be actual life boats. Everything separates after all the passengers are on the life boat engines or in the escape pods (which can dock with the engines if needed), and the computers on each module of the larger ship assess damages. Any module that is still usable docks back together and the escape pods and life boats all transfer the people back into the habitable parts of the ships. Even damaged modules attempt to repair themselves or salvage useful resources.

So emergencies would more or less be handled in a way that makes sense. You’re not permanently leaving the ship behind, but you aren’t sticking around to see if everything is going to explode either.

I think my system adequately addresses the author’s concerns, even though I didn’t read any of his remarks until after I had designed my system.

Because remember: Dream big or go home.


1 Response to “Happenings”

  1. 1 Melia May 7, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    First, I must apologize on being behind on reading your posts. I’m catching up right now!

    Second, that is a great song. I may have the middle portion that repeats over and over stuck in my head now. This is not a complaint.

    Lastly, I am SO HAPPY for you being able to see a shuttle!! That’s great that all of these things came together for you, but in particular this one, because I know how much it means to you. 🙂

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