Journey of a Thousand Miles

All day yesterday I made use of the beautiful weather outside and spent the whole Saturday cleaning the inside of our house. While I was cleaning I stumbled upon a couple of great cards I ordered many years ago from It’s always been one of my favorite pessimistic yet true statements. Take a look:

Now let me tell you how this is relevant.

As you, I’m sure, are already aware, I wrote a book, and have been trying to give it away. I made up a fun contest, I promoted the contest, I had friends help pass the word around, I submitted the contest to an online directory of contests, and put some serious effort into making it a fun contest to enter.

Unfortunately, my journey of a thousand miles in trying to give my book away ended very, very, OK, somewhat badly. With ten books to give away, I only had eight people submit applications. So, the good news is, if you entered my contest, you won. Your prize will arrive in the mail in the next two weeks or so (unless you live close enough and I can find time soon to hand deliver it to you). Congratulations, and please accept my deepest gratitude for entering my obviously pitiful contest.

I still plan on cleaning up the book (as it is currently only an advanced version that will receive some serious edits before being published again), so if you catch any errors as you read it, please note them in an email to me. Also, I love hearing your general ideas, thoughts and opinions about the book, so please share. Eventually the book will be re-released and it will then be better than ever.

Thank you again if you participated in this (or the first) contest.

Also, and lastly, I don’t mean this post as a way of extracting pity from you. The fact is, some journeys really do just end badly, and that’s OK. I’m not upset, I’ll be fine, etc. In fact, I’m laughing about my sad attempt at holding a contest. And in ten years, I’ll laugh even more about it while I roll around in my golden swimming pool full of cash.


1 Response to “Journey of a Thousand Miles”

  1. 1 Karen March 22, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    SORRY!!!! I forgot and now I missed out!!! 😦

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