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I was faced with a quiz that was to determine my learning style, and I was not happy with the quiz. So, I wrote an email to the people who expected me to take it for a class I am about to take. Here is the resulting email:

Today I completed the learning style quiz that you require on your website as a part of my A+ certification preparation. These quizzes are often designed to capture data from and categorize individuals who are somewhat ordinary, average or typical. I am aware that my brain is running an atypical neurological configuration, and as a result I am rarely satisfied with quizzes that attempt to identify broad truths about me, and the results are almost always a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Having said that, I am hoping that this quiz will not heavily influence the way in which your team interacts with me, as it was extremely inaccurate for whatever type I may actually be (I have been told by some seasoned instructors that I may be a “Visual Spatial Learner,” but I cannot identify with all of the traits associated with that style).

Many of the questions in the quiz I took today did not have answers that were even remotely applicable to me, forcing me to choose the least incorrect answer (though I was more than a little displeased with several of these “least incorrect” options). Quite a few of the remaining questions had three options that were all equally applicable to me, forcing me to chose just one answer when the other two were also true.

Again, I just wanted to submit a statement on the record saying that I was unhappy with this particular learning style quiz and that my answers were, in most cases, not characteristic of my actual learning style. I do not mean this as an insult or complaint against you or your company, as I am sure this quiz is adequate for the vast majority of your students. Seldom do I encounter learning style or personality quizzes that do not contain a large number of frustratingly over simplified questions. However, this particular quiz was, by no fault of your own, so grossly inaccurate that I felt the need to communicate the issue, out of a desire to prevent you from accepting my answers to this quiz as factual.

Obviously I am not asking you to update or change your learning style quiz, due to the fact that a quiz that is comprehensive enough to satisfy fringe individuals such as myself would be overwhelming and unwieldy.

I simply feel that it is important that you do not blindly interact with me within the parameters of whatever learning style this quiz may have hap hazardously assigned to me.

Therefore, if you require more accurate information regarding the best methods of instructing me, you must contact me via email with your questions. I do not claim to know exactly how you can best instruct me, but I can adequately answer any questions you may have.

Finally, my guess is that this quiz is simply a formality that will not significantly impact our teacher-student relationship, and the writing of this email will have simply served as a hot air release mechanism on this fine Monday morning, easing my transition from a weekend centered on my family to a week bearing the unnecessarily cumbersome load imposed upon me by a clumsily designed militaristic training system.

Whatever the case, thank you for your attention on this matter. Have a wonderful week.


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