Now We’re Walking

A couple of weeks ago Sophie took her first real unassisted steps. Yesterday, she sealed the deal: walking is officially better than crawling. Here are two videos I’ve titled “Advanced Walking Techniques 1: Turning” and “Advanced Walking Techniques 2: Getting Up.”

It’s been hard for me to miss all of this. I’m surviving, but it breaks my heart. I never believed my heart could be broken until about four years ago. Now it’s been breaking on a regular basis. It will be good to be home again. Just four more weeks. Here are some photos from yesterday’s Skype session so you can see my family from my perspective.

Sophie and Rochelle waving.

Sophie and Rochelle waving.

Rochelle kissing Sophie.

Rochelle kissing Sophie.

Sophie and Rochelle laughing.

Sophie and Rochelle laughing.

By the time I get home, Sophie will be running. Every day the question looms overhead: Will Sophie run to me or from me? It doesn’t really matter, because her initial reaction isn’t important. I know that as I spend time with her she’ll remember me. Who knows, she may still remember me. She does like seeing me on Skype.

Every time I sit down to type one of these things from so far away, my brain scatters. I guess this isn’t a subject I enjoy thinking and writing about. Oh well, until next time.


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