Quick Family Updates

Well, I don’t have a lot of time for these things, but I just had to make time to share a few things with you all.

First off, as of last weekend Sophie is taking her first steps! She’s really good at the whole walking thing. Check out these videos:

They were taken on a cell phone, so they aren’t great quality (notice the audio that lasts longer than the video). At least you get to see Her Royal Cuteness walking. Be grateful, very grateful (as I am).

Also, in other significant news, our car finally died. It was in bad shape, we knew it wouldn’t last very long, and we’re not all that concerned about losing it (don’t feel too bad for us). Here is a memorial photo of our old car (this is an actual photo I took of our car):

Our old car, RIP.

Our old car, RIP.

All in all, it’s better this way. We were going to try to sell it to someone. I would have felt bad if we had sold it and it had died right away on the buyer; especially if that buyer had been a friend of ours.

Man, for some reason everything I type feels like it’s coming out awkward and wrong. Perhaps I am out of practice… I can’t wait to be done with this schooling.

Speaking of which, I have about five weeks left away from home. I’m finally beginning to feel that the end of the tunnel is near. Oh, and for anyone worried about my grades, I’ve got a 96% average in class right now. Not bad when you consider how much time I spend studying…

Just because I feel like doing something fun, I’m going to stick a poll in here. Keep in mind, the poll is just for fun. We are looking in both categories and will probably buy the best deal we can find given our financial restraints. Out of curiosity though:

I thought I had one more thing I wanted to share, but since I can’t think of it (and I’ve been racking my brain for about ten minutes now trying to remember) I’ll have to finish this thing off.

As always, thanks for coming by to read about our goings on. Keep in touch.


3 Responses to “Quick Family Updates”

  1. 1 Katie Anderson March 20, 2009 at 6:13 am

    good luck with the rest of your traing and know that your friends and family are behind you!

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