Well, I’ve officially hit the halfway point of my training away from home. Just under two months to go. I can hardly wait to be back with my wife and children, and it’s been hard watching Sophie grow up from so far away.

As far as my writing here goes, it may be three or more months before any significant posts. Be patient though, those posts will be well worth the wait.

Oh, and to anyone interested, my “novel” thing from NaNoWriMo is officially for sale. Eventually you’ll be able to find it at Amazon.com, but if purchased through my e-store I get more money from the sale (not a lot, mind you). Please remember two things if you purchase the book: This was written with only one goal in mind- word count, not content. Also, it has not been proofread. It probably contains errors galore, and the plot (among other things) may need considerable improvement. Heck, the whole book may need to be re-written. I don’t care though, either I’ll get around to finishing it or I won’t, but feel free to read it and let me know what you think.


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