Why do we need to know?

Nobody wants to miss this?

Nobody wants to miss this?

Today I read a brief article: Alert the Media – Obama Has Made a Break for It – NYTimes.com. It was one of those things that, after reading it, I found myself asking, “Why in the world did I actually finish reading that article? Why do I need to know how the President Elect orders his sandwiches?”

What a sick world we live in where there are some people who can die and their absence goes unnoticed for months, and other people have every moment of their life reported, down to the minute, to the public. I don’t think we need to know anything about the President’s personal life unless it directly interferes with his ability to do his job, and Obama isn’t even the president yet (not officially).

So, why do we need to know every detail about every minute of Barack Obama’s vacation? You got me.


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