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This month is going to be quiet around these parts. As you may have noticed, I’m an official participant in this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). That means that between November first and November thirtieth I have to write a novel – 50,000 words to be exact.

The main focus is on word count, not content. For me it means I have an excuse to get a lot of writing practice in. My wife is being super supportive and I’ve already logged over 6,000 words in two days. I have to shoot for having most of it done before the final week in November since we’re hoping to get time off and go visit my parents in Arizona.

If all works out well you probably won’t read anything else on here until December. Since I’m finished with my word count for the day I’ll just do a quick update for you.

From Party for Sister W

Sophie is doing really well with learning to talk and walk. She’s suffering through the teething process, but so far there’s hardly even a bump in there.

Micah and his classmates at their field trip to Borchard Farms. Photo by Rochelle

Micah’s been working hard in school and learning about the negative effects of lying. He was Superman for Halloween again this year and we didn’t get any photos of him (too hard to photograph). We did manage to get a few nice shots of Sophie in her first Halloween costume ever, so be sure to head over to the family album to check them out.

From Family Stuff

Like I mentioned above, we are hoping to make it out to Arizona for the week of Thanksgiving, but there is a long, ridiculous process involved in getting time off since I’m not out of “training status” yet. I’ll let everyone know if that pans out toward the end of the month.

Basically, though, for the month of November, don’t expect to read much here unless my wife wants to take a stab at writing the post. We may upload videos or photos every once and a while though, so be sure to check those places if you start missing us. We love all of our family and faithful fans and wish you a happy month of November.

Finally, a quick poll just for fun.  Pick one answer and see what everyone else votes.  If you’re one of the earlier readers, come back to see the results later!


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