Too Good to Go Unnoticed

I’ve had this little gem of a video stuck on my phone for a long time now.  Finally I took the time to transfer it to a mini-SD card, pop that into an adapter to stick in the computer, and upload it to YouTube.  I want to embed it here so you don’t even have to go to another site to see this great video.  If you’re close family you may have seen it already, but it’s a good one to watch again!

Remember I have a YouTube channel.  If you have a Google account or a YouTube account you can subscribe to my channel and get notifications of new videos I upload any time you visit the site.  This is a great thing for anyone who already visits YouTube from time to time.

To use your Google account login information, go to and click on the Sign in link, then look for something that says “Sign in with your Google Account!”  If you’re already logged in to your Google services, clicking that link will automatically sign you in to YouTube, unless it’s your first time – in which case you’ll need to fill in a quick form with a little bit of YouTube related information before proceeding.  If you had a account before, you can link the two (I can’t remember what the link says, but it’s easy to find).


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