Loads of New Videos

After uploading those first two videos to YouTube, I got inspired and started uploading even more!  In all, I have seven videos up so far, and they are all of the kids.  I won’t embed them all here, you can visit my channel and see any and all videos I upload there (even if I post more, the channel will update automatically).  Here’s the link:


That brings me to an important point.  Anyone who is unfamiliar with blogs in general may not realize that the side stuff (in my case, all that stuff on the right side) is just as much a part of my “thing” as anything I write here (the content).  You’ll notice that I have a list of links, arranged in categories.  For family who use this as a hub to get to my other things (the online photo album, and now the videos) I have a special category for you!  It’s the Family Stuff category.  For now, the only relavant links are to the photo album and the YouTube Channel, but in the future if I have anything else the family may need to get to easily, I’ll post the link there too.

Be sure to scroll up and down that side bar area every once and a while when you visit so you can see if there’s anything new or interesting.  At the top I have the three most recent posts from my humorous and wise quotes thing (updated irregularly when I hear something I want to share), and near the botom I have a list of news articles I’ve read and found interesting recently.  I also have a list of items I would love to own some day (would make great gifts!), but the links down there don’t work.  So, to view the entire list (with photos) be sure to visit my MetaWishlist (listed in the Me section of my links).

I’ve got other interesting things I’d love to write about, but I want to go to bed early so I can take advantage of my writing time in the morning (I’ve been feeling like resting through that time, so not much has been getting done, unfortunately).  Back to work in the morning then!


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