Sophie Loves Zippers

Sophie just started laughing last weekend. Today we found something she laughs at for no reason – zippers. Sorry the sound is so bad, we don’t have a video recorder (yet) so we’re just using our camera to take the video. The picture’s never awful, but the sound doesn’t always come out so great.

She ate a lot of baby food today as well. She finished her normal helping of rice cereal (mixed with baby apple sauce for taste) and was still hungry, so we took half of a thing of sweet potato stuff from the refrigerator. At first she didn’t like that it was cold, but it tasted too yummy to refuse. At one point it looked like she was getting brain-freeze. It was cute.

Anyhow, she ate all of that too, and ever since then her spit-up has been a lot grosser than it was before.

Oh, great news: last weekend we finally got some pacifiers that she will take, and she has been a quiet, happy baby ever since. She loves to take her pacifier, even when she’s upset (but not too upset). We even have a CD of her favorite songs in her room (with the crib) and she sleeps in there. We put her in the crib with her pacifier, turn on the music, kiss her on the cheek and say, “good night,” and she puts herself to sleep! Yeah.


1 Response to “Sophie Loves Zippers”

  1. 1 Carol June 1, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    That has to be the most cutest sound I’ve heard in 5 years. (Micah was that cute too!) I’m a little bias. I’m the grandma!!!

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