Movie Feelings

I had plans for my writing time tonight. I had big plans. Then, something horrible got in the way – my emotions.

What are emotions good for? Really. They don’t seem to do much for me, other than get in the way of logic. Emotions are like that one slab of sidewalk that is sticking up a little, and you always see it and walk past it, but even still you manage to trip over it every once and a while.

Lucky for me, my emotions get in the way rarely. I am a very logical person, and most of the time I keep my emotions at bay. Every once and a while, though, they trip me up. There is usually a trigger, and tonight is no exception.

I just watched a movie. It was a good movie, and I would definitely recommend it, but beware – it has a hard-hitting emotional edge that may render your logic useless until you can sort out your feelings. You’ve probably heard of it – Bridge to Terabithia.

The funny thing is that my son actually spoiled it for me. I won’t do the same to you (in case you haven’t seen it), but he claimed he hadn’t seen the movie, and when he remembered that he had, he blurted out, “Oh, I remember…” and in somewhere between two and five words (I can’t remember exactly what he said) he gave away the entire ending of the movie. Even still, when “that part” came, I was caught unawares. Perhaps I was already feeling a little emotional, but from that point on my brain no longer functioned. Even now I am using this writing time as an outlet to try sorting my feelings out and regaining a state of order in my mind.

Hopefully, once I get this out, I can move on to that wonderful piece I had been looking forward to writing all day.

Not that the movie was bad, it was actually a very nice movie. In fact, I loved it. It’s not one of my favorites or anything, but it takes an extra special movie to wring tears from me. Also, if I were an English literature teacher, I would use this movie to teach allusion and foreshadowing. It had some wonderful literary devices employed skillfully and effectively. If you haven’t seen it, wait for an emotionally stable day and watch it. I’m sure you’ll like it.

OK, maybe not, but it’s not that bad, so I don’t expect that you’ll hate it.

I’m going to try writing that other thing now. Wish me luck. I hope I’m over this…


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