Blah, I’ll come up with a title later.

I decided not to bother coming up with another title. That will do fine.

Just a quick note before I begin my post today: This is not going to become a habit. My goal in the morning of getting up early every day is not to provide me with more opportunities to blab on this “thing,” but to write short stories, fiction novels, or nonfiction essays that push my skills as a writer and provide me with adequate creative venues. I do not intend to blast my subscribers with nonsense thoughts and minor life events on a daily basis. Eventually, these kinds of posts will be once, twice, maybe three times a week, and the rest of my mornings will be spent crafting stories you will get to read when they are finished.

But, for today I just wanted to tell you about my day yesterday. Thanks for reading.

I’m a little bit tired this morning. Of course, it’s all my fault this time. I was going to defrag my laptop after clearing some space off the hard drive (several gigabytes worth) so I wanted to back some stuff up online before going to bed and beginning the defrag. OK, most of what I was uploading was already mostly backed up online, but not full resolution. You see, I have some really good photos that were the result of good luck and timing that I wanted to share so I put them on my DeviantART account last night. Not all of them, mind you, but it’s a start. I think I’ll upload a few at a time for the next few weeks until all the good ones are up at DeviantART. For now, you can view my web albums in two locations.

The first is my Google web album, the second is my Kodak web album. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the Kodak service and I think I’m going to start using the Google/Picasa service more often. I even prefer the DeviantART site more than the Kodak one, but I feel bad uploading anything to DeviantART that isn’t art.

I wish I could share more than just this one photo with you here. OK, I could share more than just this one photo with you here, but adding more photos would be a lot of work and I’m too tired to do it right now. Be grateful for the one photo I managed to get up here.

Doesn’t she look like she’s just loving that cereal? For more photos of her enjoying the rice cereal, check out the the Picasa/Google web album. You can download a full resolution copy of this photo from this DeviantART page.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We took it easy. In the morning, after breakfast, we played some of that great game, Defend Your Castle, then we went to the store and prepared for a picnic in the park, which could have gone better. Overall, it went well. Sometimes, though, I forget that my legs get super white compared to my normally tanned skin because I wear pants a lot. Yesterday, at the park, I wore shorts. My shins are in a lot of pain right now.

After the park we came home, rested, got some work done, and then fed the baby some rice cereal for the first time, which went extremely well (as you can see). After that, the five-year-old decided he was done being nice and following rules for the day, so we had an early dinner and put him out of his misery with an early bedtime. Then we watched a two hour movie in just under five hours (not bad with the baby). You know the rest of the story – I stayed up too late updating my DeviantART account with some good photos.

Well, I’m happy to say that I can finally return a movie to a friend. We have borrowed movies from her before, and the last time was a disaster. We returned the movie in good condition, so it could have gone worse, but we held on to it for far too long (many months). This time we managed to watch it in something like three weeks, which is great.

The movie wasn’t my style. It was a drama, which is already a huge deduction in points on my part, and it didn’t really get me pulled in that well. I rate dramas and other movies that don’t appeal to me on their ability to pull me into the story (the plot and other story elements have to be crafted really well) and evoke an emotional reaction from me. This one did evoke that emotional reaction from me, but I wouldn’t have been devastated if I had walked away from it halfway through, meaning the story could have grabbed me better. This is not, by any means, actual criticism for the film, because this is simply a question of taste. The friend who loaned us the movie, for example, just loves this movie. The story must have really pulled her in, it must have connected with her deep down, and it probably evoked a stronger emotional reaction from her because of it.

Overall I’d say it was well made and fun, but not for me. I enjoyed watching it, I’m glad I watched, and I’m glad I don’t own it.

Oops, I suppose you’d like to know what movie we watched last night now? Ha. Silly me. We watched “The Holiday.”

Well, as much as I’d like to extend my writing time this morning beyond the hour I usually write, I think I’m going to lay back down and close my eyes in the hopes of falling back asleep and waking up feeling like I slept a full eight hours in stead of less than four. Or, I might finish writing, or not, and find that the day is starting whether I like it or not, and have to skip on the rest until we get home from church. Either way, my bed and I will probably be seeing each other before the actual end of the day.

If I don’t make it back to bed, I feel that I might cry. I know, my fault. Tonight, nap or no nap, I’m going to bed at ten. That’s final.


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