Getting Up

I know they say it’s better for the body to get up at the same time very morning and go the sleep at the same time every night, but my body is not yet thanking me for getting up consistently at five forty-five every morning. Perhaps this is because we have a three-month-old daughter who prevents us from getting to sleep at the same time every night and who prevents us from getting very good sleep at night.

In the end, today is Saturday and I am up but my body has not decided that this is acceptable. In fact, my customized iGoogle homepage has a dynamic header consisting of a cityscape scene which is home to a monster who does various activities throughout the day and night. I log in at midday and he’s sweeping the city, I log in in the morning and he is taking a bath in the bay (I think the city is San Fransisco, but there is no Golden Gate bridge), late at night he battles a robot monster that looks like him. My point being that I just pulled it up to get to Google Docs and he was still fast asleep. Oh, how I envy him.

I may envy the little red monster, but I’m not really complaining – I’ve actually really enjoyed and benefited a lot from getting up and writing every morning. I’m currently contemplating slowly getting up even earlier to add another hour or half an hour to my morning writing time.

Just so you all know, I write and post short stories up here to get feedback and comments. If you happen to take the time to read one of my stories, I would be grateful to have even a brief bit of feedback from you in the form of a comment (most appropriately commented on the actual story, not on this post, for example).

I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Anyone who undertakes any creative effort wants to know what other people think of their work. Even if the creative endeavor is something domestic like parenting or cooking, it feels good to know that someone else things you did a good job and it can be helpful if someone shares some constructive criticism to help you do better next time. The idea is not to learn and bow to the popular ideas, but to look for good advice and tips then decide which ones you’ll follow.

Of course, even if everyone reading my stuff is a deadbeat, at least I’m getting writing practice in. I think want I need is a dedicated writing partner, or at least one or two good friends who consistently read my work and provide feedback. I should place a wanted ad. Here’s how it could read:

WANTED: Writer seeking Reader

I am an aspiring writer seeking an avid reader to consistently and tirelessly read my ramblings and provide constructive criticism and feedback.

The applicant must be interested in a wide variety of subjects and be willing to tell the truth nicely. Even when the reading material is uninteresting, skimming will not be appreciated or helpful, and an objective view must be taken remembering that if the writer is interested there must be a reader somewhere who is interested too.

Any interested in the job must be willing to work for free and commit to a longterm relationship that is only as deep as the words on the page. Of course, if the applicant already enjoys another relationship with the writer this job would only add another dimension to our interactions.

If you are interested respond via any means possible to discuss the terms of your surrender, er, um, terms of your voluntary service.

Of course, even personals need to be shorter than that, I think. If I were to really post such an ad, I can think of at least three or four really great friends of mine who I would hope to have respond and commit.

While I suppose the above ad is hypothetical and, to a certain extent, in jest, it would be nice to know that someone is always going to provide me with thoughtful responses to my ideas. I usually feel like I’m in the dark about what people think of me as a person, at the very least I would like to know what they think of my writing.

Wow, last of all, I’d just like to add that I’m not as desperate, depressed or negative as it may seem. I’m going through a transitional stage right now where my body is mad and grumpy about getting up in the morning and my heart is asking if it’s even worth it to write. Deep down, I know I have to write. When I’m not writing enough, it shows in my daily life. So regardless of what you or anyone else thinks, I’m going to write. It’s not about getting feedback or being happy about waking up early, it’s about fulfilling my need to express myself and get words together to tell stories and share ideas.

Right. Now I’m going to work on some fiction or something.


1 Response to “Getting Up”

  1. 1 Annie H May 17, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    Hey, I’ve been thinking about your short that you posted, about the hero. It has “the lottery” sort of feel to it, where the “winner” is really the bitter loser. Do you remember that short story? It’s required reading in a lot of high schools, very disturbing. I very much like that you never revealed what exactly he had done to be considered a hero. Leaving out some details makes it all the more shocking, details like why didn’t he know what happens to heroes when so many people were clear witnesses to his fate? Wouldn’t a legend grow out of the hero prison/curse? The injustice of it speaks to me, as does his own modest assessment of what he had accomplished. It makes me wonder if what he had done had really hindered the agenda of the higher ups, like in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (sp?). I wonder what the hero cape looks like and what traditions it may have behind its construction, what the pedestals look like, what the other heroes did, and why they chose to preserve them thus. You’ve managed to create a piece that leaves me wondering and fascinated. I also think of works like Orson Scott Card, I believe it was Xenocide. I won’t give away the secret, but the parallels and possible motives are interesting to contemplate.

    If you’re looking for more technical criticism, let me know. I’m, obviously, not a perfect writer (she typed, while thinking of all the times she has two kids in her lap while attempting to spell out her jumbled thoughts) but technical stuff is fun, too.

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