Looking for ideas…

Well, either you are or I am. πŸ˜‰ I’m in this strange little cloud right now where all I can safely think about is my future. Never fear, I’m still focusing on maintaining a healthy presence in… the present, but my mind wanders often, and its favorite spot to visit lately has been the future. I think about the technology of the future, mostly, but occasionally my mind ponders ways I might be able to capitalize on my talents and earn a living doing something other than working for someone who owns my soul (on paper).

Ultimately, I am aware of many of my talents, but unable to figure out how to make money with most of them. Obviously, if I could become a writer of any kind (fiction, nonfiction, magazine articles, whatever) I could get paid for it. However, of my other talents, how can I make money? I often know what technologies will be important in the near and distant future, beyond just recognizing what is popular. Microsoft’s Mesh was no surprise to me, nor is virtualization, or the movement for online/offline access for web applications (Google Gears, Adobe AIR, etc.). The moves large companies make concerning social networking and other social/technological decisions are simply expected developments toward the future I already know is coming. How in the world does one capitalize on this type of foreknowledge?

If anyone has any suggestions, please share. Otherwise, expect me to figure something out just a little too late and miss the boat. I shall consult with a few other close friends and family members to see what they have to say. If I could put my talents and knowledge to work making money for me, I wouldn’t need to slave under the oppression of bureaucracy any longer…

That’ll be great. Until then, I’d better get to sleep so I can get up in time to avoid arriving late to work.


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